Billie Joe Armstrong

Check out @mirandalambert and me singing Ordinary World as a duet! Her voice is amazing! @greenday @mikedirnt @trecool

Check out @mirandalambert and me singing Ordinary World as a duet! Her voice is amazing! @greenday @mikedirnt @trecool



My two favorite musican! Love you guys to the end of the world and back!!


Love this song!


love your hair, it's so damn sexy


This is why she is my favorite country singer 👩🎤


@worshipgreendaynow *Miranda Lambert and I...


I’m not sure what’s more punk rock @billiejoearmstrong You whining like a little b*tch about the president or singing a song with Miranda Lambert. 😂


Keren bgd lu bang sumpah...


Your amazing


*miranda lambert and I


Don't deny


Don't deny it billy you be looking at those boozems


@diegodn9 podría ser Toyi, pero no...


No sé inglés pero hellow


No your voice is amazing! Original all the way! ❤️


Your hair never ceases to amaze me, man. You're officially the king of messy hair.




you look real enthusiastic


Are you sure you're not a redneck?


You still look like you did in 09


@_sam_joy_222 Miranda Lambert is a country singer and the version her and Billie did was a country song. I’ve played this song live several times and it disgusts me that he would collaborate with a country artist. Just sad. It’s such a great song too.


My two favorite artists in the same song!! Just goes to show Miranda really is my twin! ❤️


You never age


You never age


Quédate con quien te mire como Miranda mira a Billie


Hey people!!!! Take a look at the drawing I made for @billiejoearmstrong in my insta profile!! 🎸🎨😁


Song was okay....still prefer the GD version one tho.


Your hair is mess like always.




@billiejoearmstrong Hi Billie. When will the new gibson lp jr. BJA signature be avilable?


heard this one sounds gooood!!!!! ill have to see about youtube again laterz aligaterz


I live for you and your perfect angel traits


Unpopular opinion prob: I don’t like Miranda Lambert’s voice so prefer the original

@eazyv123 check it out dude vegan Girlz music video.. link in my description. catchy as hell 🐷🤙🤣😎


My God's fav band CD arrived this am! 💖💖💖 from across the pond. Love Ordinary World with ML 🎶😚



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