Jessie Johnson

Need a quick and easy snack or appetizer for your holiday menu? These simple wonton crackers are my FAVORITE accompaniments for cheeses, dips, and more. This video is really more of a guideline - you can eyeball the toppings and mix and match however you like! ⠀

Here's the breakdown: ⠀
1️⃣ Olive oil + salt + pepper ⠀
2️⃣ Olive oil + salt + shredded parmesan + chopped parsley ⠀
3️⃣ Olive oil + salt + smoked paprika (or cayenne! or ancho chili powder!) + ground cumin ⠀
4️⃣ Melted butter + cinnamon + sugar ⠀

For specific ingredients and instructions, click the link in my profile. 👆🏼



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