Historical Homos

LEO DA VINCI — the original #RenaissanceMan. Last week one of his paintings that wasn't the Mona Lisa made a lot of money at auction. And in other stunning news: he was a huge fag.

LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452 – 1519) was a celebrated polymath of the Italian Renaissance.

(Polymath means he could do a lot of cool shit really well that other people can’t do that well.)

One of his talents, however, was decidedly common: sodomy. (That's the biblical term for holy #buttsex.)

LEO may be famous now for his portraits of hot girls named Lisa, but his penchant for the boys was what first landed his name in the written record.

We first hear of LEO in Florence's legal records, because as a young man he was not once, but TWICE charged by the courts with #dopeassbuttsex aka sodomy.

He never got in trouble, though, because his fellow sodomites and -mizers came from noble families who could wave away pesky social norms with cash and titles. #THEDREAM

Besides, Florence was a flaming hotbed of flamers back in LEO’s day. To such an extent that other Italians referred to #dopebuttsex (sorry SODOMY*) as the ‘Florentine Vice.’

And the Ponte Vecchio, a cheesy-yet-charming tourist trap today, was Florence’s busiest gaybourhood back then. Just one street down lay a known gay watering hole that was literally called…wait for it…The Hole! (‘il buco’ in Italian). #cantmakethisshitup

But even though everyone was doing it, the authorities came to believe they had to do SOMEthing about their reputation as a city of faggotrons.

That’s why they invented a special court-ordered police force called the Office of the Night (good #branding), which was notorious for prosecuting thousands of alleged #Homos, charging them fines, and conveniently convicting very few.

So LEO wasn’t exactly a fish out of water – and scholars from Freud to today continue to debate whether he was actually gay, closeted&celibate, bi, or just asexual.

But you know what DOESN’T call for any debate? LEO's detailed sketches of anal sphincters — especially the one labeled with his fucking boyfriend's NAME. #youdecide

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