On another level 😍😍
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@nlucas99 when you gonna let me run some stainless for your truck


This is sick s👌🏻❤️


@r1mcneil @jaredlangille06 this is what i was hoping mine would look like 😂😂😂😂


@welderzworld I am not a welder but that looks sick af


@mnksapparel then why have such a big pipe and weight? And if so why have such few vanes in a small turbo? The critical pressure per real time kinetic energy will reach a point when the engine will demand more than the small turbos can deliver, unless there is a bigger one i cant see? From an engineering perspective this is illogical and bad design thought.


@the_real_twiggi its twin turbo stacked, small turbos don’t need big lines


A huge pipe with great welding and showmanship, only to have the pipe constricted at the turbo, and have the turbo fitted with few and small vanes? Why bother if you gonna ruin all the hard work with something that wont work so well?


That is the best thing ive ever seen


Send me that now I want ir


@wernonstabiili ja kato mitä saumaa😍😍


@eetu.nuutinen joo muutama ahtopai e


@lanzar_las_chispas 90's for function over form, fabricated bends with 10 welds per elbow for showmanship.


Wowwwwwwww 🤔


Oh that’s nasty 🤟


Forgive my stupidity but looks like the dude could have used a 90....ya know what I mean......i don't know shit about that but from the outside looking in....some 90s could have saved some time


@dutchhustle on some Picasso weld type shit that’s awesome

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