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Photo by @FransLanting Everyone lucky enough to make contact with a mountain gorilla comes away with a powerful feeling of kinship. I captured this silverback in a pensive mood as he was sitting hunched during a downpour in the highlands of Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, one of the last strongholds for these remarkable great apes. This image is featured in our new book “Into Africa," which is based on our @NatGeo exhibition of the same name. Follow me @FransLanting for more intimate images and videos that confirm the fundamental kinship we share with all great apes. @thephotosociety #Gorilla #MountainGorilla #GreatApes #Rwanda #wildlife

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Amazing 😍😍


agree...saw 18 in the same area 4 yrs ago.




@jessegaarenstroom another one of my favourite animals


@abhisegar 😨😨😨😨


وساعات الوداع اسرع من الكدلك دقايقها


نفسك تنحف اعطيني طولك ووزنك ونحنا بنساعدك


@puvitherasegar ..... I found your twin..... When you never get food at the correct time 😝😝😝


@katiebertram this guys is smart


Awesome pic!


Those beady little eyes


Q afortunados son los fotógrafos q logran estas tomas maravillosas de los hermosos gorilas !!!!


Just breathtakingly beautiful!!!!😀


La nature dan toute xa splendeur


He's beautiful!


Beautiful photo


Just... Wow! This picture is seriously amazing! Great job. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏽


I certainly came into contact with the @jenna_c_mcdonald.


Truly amazing 😍


Put a jacket on! @bubbletrouble

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