Klairs | Simple, but enough

Not too heavy and not too light, just enough! πŸ’™




Does it clog pores?


My favorite moisturizer! 😍


I wanna add this to my collection of klairs 😍😍but how good is it for combination skin prone to congestion??


I’m currently using this and it does moisturizes my skin, but it’s a bit sticky


@ibrilliantchick whenever I watch videos, I feel like I don't know how to apply moisturizer, like I'm doing it wrong .


Is it noncomedogenic?


@hoaiphuonght yes! It's not a super heavy moisturizer so you can definitely use it during winter if you have oily skin~


Hey can this product use for oily skin in winter? @klairs.global


@zika_zaty Hi! For the price, please visit www.wishtrend.com or the link in our bio~


@nor.azlin.5011 Hi~ for price information, please visit www.wishtrend.com or the link in our bio!


I love the toner, rich moist soothing serum, the bb cream.. I love it soooooo much. It is extraordinary. Thanks Klairs. You changed my life @klairs.global


tried the sample and I think I gonna get one !! 😍


Best soothing cream <3


The best!


How much? I want that


Perfect cream!



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