Rachelle Rice, NTP, C-IAYT

#cacao wow. Drinking chocolate decadence. The turning of the seasons into darkness calls for introspection, coziness, and warmer, richer foods. Deep body and soul nourishment right here. Even better shared with a friend in the firelight over heart conversation. Recipe in the comments.
#godeep #deepnutrition #darkchocolate #paleo #vegan #bodyandsoul #foodasmedicine #heal #thesoulfullife






2 c. Califia Farms toasted coconut almond milk 3-4 T. coconut sugar 1/4 c. raw cacao or cocoa powder 1 tsp pure vanilla 1/4 tsp sea salt 1 oz. dark chocolate (70% or higher) Melt and simmer all ingredients until hot to taste and slightly thickened.

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