Politically incorrect


I have played soccer at that field


@aesthetics.com__ I thought my comment would be lost forever in the abyss of the internet


@aesthetix.despair hey! Nice seeing you in these comments




Looks just like Billie!


R they ur kids


@miraknows Piedmont soccer?


What's in his mouth?


Why does Joey look like me as a child


Soooo adorable


Lah udah gede aja tuh si entong,,,


Just saw them in Denver. Been going to shows for 20 years, and they blew me away. The future of rock n roll is bright!


I love you


@xojcactus looks like Michael doesnโ€™t he


Cheeky boiiii


I wish i could see you


So cuuuuuuute ๐Ÿ’•


The best band


You change SOOOOO fucking much! Wow... <3



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