Meet 'Cantik' (means Beautiful in Bahasa Indonesia), an infant Sumatran Orangutan that rescued last week from Tripa peat swamp area.

Tripa has been called as the orangutan capital of the world, but most of them is under threat by the palm oil plantations. The orangutans slowly starve because there is no longer enough food to sustain them or they are frequently killed by plantation workers when they emerge from the jungle in search of food.

Mothers also often die when protecting their babies, which are taken and sold as illegal pets. But luckly Cantik and her mother are safe and alreaady free now in Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)'s Reintroduction site in jantho, Aceh.

Photo by : SOCP/Suryadi

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Cute baby orang utan






Awe. Sweet baby❤️ @mildredoodle

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