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HT416 / Post # 3 in my #lexicronicles, where I use newly-minted Hebrew words (yes, that is totally a thing. The @hebrew_academy is responsible for creating native equivalents of not-yet-hebraicized terms) for #hebrewtype. This is “oo.go.neat” עוגונית- the new word for cupcake.
Lettering done in the #spencerian style for #GoodtypeTuesday. It’s not my first attempt to marry a language nearly incompatible with swashes and curves (see #spencerianhebrew), and this time I decided to take it up a notch or three with #foodtype made of (duh) cupcakes and icing gel. @goodtype

Entenmann Bakery of New Jersey Inc



@ivythebaozhao this is my hobby, and it absolutely is!


Your job looks so fun and awesome! 😀


Very cool idea :)




@linnie.k appreciate hearing that!


@lichtenstadt תודה אפרת. שולח לך דברי מאפה וירטואליים מפה


This is absolutely beautiful!


יא מוכשר!!!


@zacharyhorst doing a happy dance


This is just so good


@sasha__natasha 😋😋😋😋😎 Thanks so much! You know I just HAD to marry the two


@bobewing_ That would be nice 🧙‍♂️. I just plan ahead. A lot. So execution appears as smooth as can be.


The style mixed with the food, I absolutely ADOORE! 🙌🏻


You are a wizard!


@rabbimarkiz I really love the new words, but no one ever seems interested in actually using them. So I figured I’d kick the tires with a little campaign on the word’s behalf 😊


First of all, you make such amazing art. Second, I love the idea of using the new words!


@harleysfood_art Thanks buddy! Delicious too 😋

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