@koreasianmedia #TheNewHollywood 2018 Annual Issue



Yassss! Slayyyyyy :))))


@sisilessthan3 she is half vietnamese but the magazine is based in korea but in her caption you can see it says koreas asian media so it's representing all asians not just koreans


Super cool. You deserve every bit of recognition you get.


@cindycindyyy I don't remember the comment I left but I believe I was congratulating the lady for being able able to get this opportunity as a black woman (I know shes half asian but is black...)


@bmer17 come again? I did not understand what you said.


What’s his name killing it on mr robot


You looked AMAZING!!! last night......it's always a pleasure shooting you on the red carpet


@sisilessthan3 she is half Vietnamese


Asian invasion! Give it to dem, give it to dem! 🙌🏾👊🏾✊🏾💃🏾


Getting it


Love this


Buncha beautiful Asians!!!


I thought she was half thai or half vietnamese


Love this cover so much!!!


@karrueche pls tell me where to get those shoooooeeeessss!!


My blasian queen 😍


@tamarynjohnson oh now that's gorgeous


Correction they r in the media. Oh i forgot they r in it negatively presented but now it will be a positive way to be represented. Ooops watch out🙈👀🙏


Lol. Watch out the Asians r coming oh i forgot u r blasian. The Takeover. I knew it would happen. Lol👀watch out Trump they r now in our media!


Congrats!!!! This cover is everything!!!! Asians rule!!!!









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