@thetot’ Holiday Celebration collab with @thegrovela

‘@thetot’ Holiday Celebration collab with @thegrovela



You are stunning ❤️


You are the sum total


How do I bae you?


Hot orde4 Lady!$alute


You are so damn fine


One of my fav looks of yours 🤩


U R some of God's best work 🗣️❤️✌️💫


Giving me life ❤️


This looks better on you than blacchyna...just saying #noshade


Zaaaammmnnn ma 😍😂


You are the most beautiful woman in the world would you do a Jules Jordan Feeding Frenzy????? I have wanted to see you do it for so long.


Soooooooo pretttyyyyyy link up needed 😀😎😋


Many 'Describes'


Wouldnt the Green and Reds seem like Christmas Reef Plaid


Here there's a Morrisania that has a uniform like it


I really like the green and reds....you seen girls with those?


Nice Plad



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