Utah Jazz

🎷 // πŸš€ // TOMORROW

Tipoff: 8:30PM MT


🎷 // πŸš€ // TOMORROW

Tipoff: 8:30PM MT





Neto now


We need that dub!!!


Easy w


AYEEE I'm coming


@hoodie5 we need Rodney Hood BACK!!!


Too poor to go to the game. πŸ˜«πŸ˜“


Yalla I will be there




Catch a dub


Let's go jazz and eat that W


@jj_hill11 that's exactly what I said. I hate him


I’m gonna be ay the game


Just don't let Harden hit threes like last time


Great the flopper


@utahjazz r we wearing the gold uniforms again on national television?!


Let’s get the Win!


Is there anywhere to buy the statement uniforms?


This game tomorrow is the only thing keeping me going


It's Mitchell's chance!!!


⭐️ Let’s get it UTAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!✊🏼


We wearing gold?


Yo some role player needs to take put harden early if we want a chance to win this game


@binav_ really gonna test the jazz gold theory


Man this would be such a great win for us


Let’s go jazz


Televised in the east coast so I can watch from Brooklyn! Hell yeah! #TakeNote


I like the gold! #takenote


Let's get it!πŸ€πŸ€

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