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Video by Anastasia Taylor-Lind @anastasiatl on assignment for @natgeo. |Wasel, a five-year-old Arabian flat-race stallion faces the fan in his stable at the Al Azraq racing stables in Barka, Oman, this morning.

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Barka', Masqaţ, Oman






يا لذيذ يا رايق


@neha_amrev Headlines in Oman 😂


Keeping baby cool


@rafferdom para el niño o ya pal' coco


Why are we covering this abuse?


Another form of #animalabuse


What is this


Why is that horse being treated like that????


You’ve done better, but I’m glad the horse is cool... 😕


What else is there to do for him in that cell?


@lmft0512 黑房




Are we into crazyness now. 1rst: what an irrelevant content 2bd: this horse is five, probably runing races for years already even though it's bones are not yet ready for du h an ignorant torture like races.


@natgeo I normally love your content but it seems like you dropped the ball on this one...hard


What a pointless clip


Least entertaining video of 2017

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