@real1 shares his #CruiserweightChampionship with a very special young girl at the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City Children’s Hospital. #WWEAbuDhabi




Goodbye enzo


@jesse_sh this is actually emotional and sad but I’m happy for them




@lemlemishere lol to the comments bout jj


That is so cute


@real1 u are really a good man 👍💖


Thats cute. Enzo has got a heart


Feel bad for the other kid talking to jason jordan


Hideo will beat you.


This is so rad.


@narotam_dasua recovering from acl surgery


That kid wanted nothing to do with Jordan. He wanted that title too 😂


Great stuff @real1


I cry every time I watch this just the smile on the little girls face really brightens me up ❤️


Very nice gesture.


At least he is not rude to them


U all are real heoes


I now respect @real1




Where is big cass?? Is he alive or not


I love this! ❤️


How is she special


Ok this is cute


I like your minds




I like how she’s not even able to hold the damn thing 😂😂


Aww that's so nice and the little girl is so adorable 😭😭😭😭


That little girl is the sweetest! Adorable!

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