Irving Penn’s Print 02
If God of a photo exists, that's a Irving Penn.
My father said to me this.
Irving Penn’s ”SKULL” Series.
This exhibition was probably performed in Japan in 1989.
For a promotion, these photo had to be official replication shooting.
My father replication shooting. My father was glad.
He's a fan of a Irving Penn.
My father received this original print. From an owner in a gallery.
My father passed away.
A detailed thing won't be understood any more.
But it's wonderful and beautiful. A real photographic.
My father left me something various.
My daughter didn't meet my father.
I spoke variously.
My father passes away and 10 years have passed.

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238 Tokyo, Japan





@oz.saiki Thank you very much, it's honor.
I'm born by Japan and am living.
Your photo is gorgeous.
I'd like to make more speaking you.
But I'm not good at English.
But it's OK.
I and you're a photographer.
Your picture is delighting me.
If my picture is delighting you, I'm happy.
That's everything.
Thank you.


Nice shot :)




cool beans


@show_hey_310_tokyo Yes, all my background is Japanese. My grandfather immigrated to Brazil where I was born. Now I live in the USA for the past 20 years. I wish I could speak Japanese but it’s very basic. Your pictures are great and I love how you light your subject.


@oz.saiki Thank you very much.
Are you a Japanese ?
Your first name seems to be Japanese.
Mr. Saiki.斉木さん?
Your pic always delights me.
I'm not good at English.


Very nice, lighting and work. Very nice remembering your father. I feel for your loss. My father passed 21 years ago yesterday.


That is so cool!

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