Amazing !!!


@saira.nabi @jennygdt I’m sorry... WHY did she stop him?????


Who's loving u


She took the Mic when he was getting it in. Light weight hating or she was getting some goose bumps


@jdmccrary. I like how u sang it


So cute


@_.mmikee._ Who's Loving You... The Jackson 5


the only talent the clippers have


Hermosa voz!! Que lata como le arrebató el micrófono en su mejor momento le cortó toda la inspiración, bruta


What's the song call


Let him sing girl


@micrippamusic who’s loving you Michael Jackson (Jackson 5)


Please can someone tell me whos the original singer of this song.


Lob city!!!!


@0907x269 laisse il sert à r


@grey_dagger Mais miskine de toi, pelo t'a 12 ans évite de faire le fou la vérité


@0907x269 suce bien sale pute psq moi je suuis entrain de faire du boulot avc ta mere




@grey_dagger vazy vazy garde ta magie pour toi imbecile ! Aller degage


@aurelia.mzb tu sais quoi anji nhuik ana

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