#VideoBosh makes his return at the #NBAMexicoGames in Mexico City!

Arena Ciudad de Mexico



Chris Bosh. Wish he can come back.


He's a legend but I wish he could get a triple double


Chris Bosh. Beast Mode


want to date ... but with whom?


Damn hall of famer

@hurtjjliz dude every time!!!


Omg. Please trade Deon waiters😡


@heatquad @ajayafernando_sb no need for the insults, I was just telling facts. Go google it.

What a legend


@jayyybren and you're a neanderthal.


I miss bosh


@jayyybren you look like a crack head


@anothetimmadeline there probably is because there are over 1000 people in the comments but none of them probably wanna get with you cuz you probably have AIDS


His mom is a crack dealer.


@brechtvdh hahaha hij is terug


Miss that dude! 😞


@nubian_troubadour why does it matter if she's black you weirdo


Ese es un gran jugador Bosh.....👍👏👏👏👏👏

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