I hope u feel as happy as dis. Just remember if u ever feel down u need to take some time out to do what makes ur heart sing ❤️ Darren




@nicolecurry12 I'm not crying you're crying


@gemmabettio can we do this with ours?


@littlevintagehome all Staffies must love bubbles as much as harv


@taylorinstagraham @cmadeya12 I bet Presley would love bubbles


I would die for you


Such a beautiful thought!😘😊😘😍


Thank you for the reminder Dazzy! We needed that. Very much. 🐶💜😙😍😘 @the_blueboys


Oh my gosh, I love this ❤️


@peatleysisters haha Chloe and Fergie will probably be scared of it 😂


@krystalbullock can we try this on Thursday? Lol


@vicstann I've watched this on repeat

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