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It’s time to take action on climate change .
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Video by @PaulNicklen // Earlier this week, we shared a heartbreaking video of a starving polar bear. It was incredibly hard to watch, and sad to endure filming, but it provides an important perspective into the future for polar bears. Unless we curb carbon emissions and pursue solutions to achieve drawdown, this is the grim fate for species. The good news is that a wide array of both proven and promising new solutions already exist. Reforesting the oceans and restarting natural nutrient cycles can drawdown carbon, deacidify and cool surface waters, at the same time as producing sustainable food and biofuel. @Sea_Legacy went to the Canadian Arctic to document the effects of climate change. We found them. We also found healthy bears, like this. Follow me at @paulnicklen. @sea_legacy #turningthetide




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Thing is, we need to support action that changes climate change, read the whole post


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