@semiojeleye37’s move or the @celtics bench reaction??

Little Caesars Arena


@anggorosapto bedo indo mbk us. Iku ning indo traveling @jokoandriy


@anggorosapto orak traveling?


Lmao, Kyrie tho 😂


@lawrence_comma Invent isn’t in the sentence! It was permanent and he has most definitely done that with the use of the Euro step and how everyone’s using it today.


@cedrickwallace76 manu did not invent FYI


Gotta be the bench


Manu you have made a permanent mark in the NBA! Congrats....


@ddizzl44 they would call this a travel at St. Anthony’s


@sulileota defs bench reaction 😂


@tee_salanoa bench reaction 😂


@thepaulomuller Irving e outro imitando é daora.


Yabu cheering on the guy who took his spot. True team player lol.


@anatole_roy tant que sa rentre c bon


want to date ... but with whom?


@baptiste_carda il l'a fait à la même vitesse que toi 😂


Poor Tolliver


@paul.planchon le frr de ton pote Yabusele qui danse avec mon joueur préféré ptn mdrr


3 steps... eh make me throw up


Travelling from Europe to America - euro step

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