David Turner liked that one by his son @turner_myles! #ThisIsWhyWePlay



@cullen_barr big man euro. Silky




want to date ... but with whom?


Euro'ed him up


@cryingmichaeljordan @cryingmichaeljordan I hope all you phonies realize that Dave Turner is LITERALLY my son! Y’all tryna front like you have comparable emotional investment in the accomplishments and failings of his offspring like I do?! HAH! When the Turner family hangs their heads (after a shortcoming) or they throw their collective hands in the air (after a win)...I do so as well. Out of a sense of familial solidarity! Why? Because THE Dave Turner himself made both ME and a close ally of mine honorary members of the Turner family on the evening of November 4th, 2017 in Queens, New York.


I lose to the lag and glitch


@gael_nkingi Bah bientot tkt 😂😅


@maxolean pepperidge farm remembers


Who was he faking to?💀


Hit em with that foreign


Remember when there weren’t any thots or bots in the comment section? I member

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