Billie Joe Armstrong

RIP Bruce Brown. Eternal Endless Summer.. #brucebrown

RIP Bruce Brown. Eternal Endless Summer.. #brucebrown





Hi guys, I sing and play in a fuckin punk band called the @cheekbonezband, follow us for some energy and new melodies


tu eh top




my gorgeous boyfriend is a surfer so obviously loves Endless summer. very sad to lose such a legend ):


I started see game of thrones @billiejoearmstrong season 7 episode 1


Billie you're a legend, I love you so much ❤️❤️💪@billiejoearmstrong RIP Bruce Brown....


Rest in peace...


@luzbowjagg it worked out quite well.


@amarchitiello how did that work out for you?


@anastasiachal1 all people are important


We are a students band from Hong Kong follow us if you like 🤟🏻😎


Love that you posted this!


On Any Sunday...RIP Bruce. My father introduced me to motorcycles at a young age. I watched On Any Sunday more times than I can count.


Coming son the word war |||


Love surf movies on the big screen


He was an awesome skateboarder and surfer


So sad to hear the news today. 😞


Rip 😧 but so many people are dying this year it's almost unbearable


I love you so much... ❤️😳❤️ @billiejoearmstrong


I will paddle out in his honor.


Rip 😢 im sorry


Rest in peace 🙏




Rest in paradise

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