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Video @ladzinski // #sponsored by @djiglobal // A stand-up paddle boarder taking the lazy way on through icebergs on a
misty morning in Interior Iceland. Filmed with the @djiglobal #mavic - Small enough to travel with you, @DJIGlobal’s foldable “MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4k with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.




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كل شيء يدور في هذا الكون


O que será que aquela criatura estava pensando em fazer em cima daquela prancha? ????? Imagina se cai nesta água congelada? ?????........mas a fotografia do local é lindíssima.


@mylifesatravelmovie that’s interesting... why though?


cest un dron qui fotografy naisse pas !!


This is amazing!! How did the mavic hold up in the cold?


Save the frozen water!


This looks so amazing! But I hate the cold so that's a lot of pressure to keep your balance 🙈


@hannahluvskittens but for the one in a million experience, I would do it!


@a_morgan_world I would be terrified that an orca or a leopard seal would tip my board and eat me


@kjcoug23 this should be your paddleboarding goals.


@dynomites_ I need to do a cool video like this!


Fantastic.follow us🌷❤️


@sandram_ i just thought it looked cool and tagged you since it was iceland lol i would not go paddle boading either hahaha


@geezluis11 uhhh i am definitely not paddle boarding! lol


Love it.


stunning images!


stunning images!


That's whats up!


Woow thats cool iceberg its Christmas to day🎄🎁🎅

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