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Photo by @ljohnphoto: Christian worshippers gather in a pastor's home in Orissa, India. #religion #culture #india




Amen! 😍


Beautiful πŸ’– God bless you!


Praise the Lord😍


Amen! How Great is Our God!






Thank God!!


@samsamisami why it is not easy


Halleluhjah . What we take for granted.




per tradimento dun tiranno fello


Il volto di questa donna in primo piano Γ¨ davvero struggente


no beateful INDIA


Amen! Praise you Father!


@jarnvinston if you are rewinding go further back, you'll get your answers


@marcosleitao_ Do u know devadasi system?? A proud part in our culture


@dajayx burning womens alive is also our culture.. Do u know that?


Interesting that some people have to comment rudely because the worshippers are Christian. Let them be free to worship as they please without harsh judgment.


nice πŸ˜€




@alb_ie when people are blinded by faith they become delusional, when people become delusional it's not just the mind, they let them to play with their soul as well. You should go their and check out for yourself, it'll give you a clear picture.✌

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