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Photo by @ljohnphoto: Christian worshippers gather in a pastor's home in Orissa, India. #religion #culture #india




Amen! 😍


Beautiful πŸ’– God bless you!


Praise the Lord😍


Amen! How Great is Our God!






Thank God!!


@samsamisami why it is not easy


Halleluhjah . What we take for granted.




per tradimento dun tiranno fello


Il volto di questa donna in primo piano Γ¨ davvero struggente


no beateful INDIA


Amen! Praise you Father!


@jarnvinston if you are rewinding go further back, you'll get your answers


@marcosleitao_ Do u know devadasi system?? A proud part in our culture


@dajayx burning womens alive is also our culture.. Do u know that?


Interesting that some people have to comment rudely because the worshippers are Christian. Let them be free to worship as they please without harsh judgment.


nice πŸ˜€





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