Jo | Things My Kids Wont Eat

Delicious quick dinner tonight: honey teriyaki chicken on long grain white rice. This is actually a slow cooker recipe from @thekitchn that I make on the stovetop.
I’ve always had an issue with eating dark meat because I’m so picky about the texture of meat but I’ve been working really hard to incorporate more dark meat into meals where it’s possible because my family likes it and it’s less expensive than white meat. The unintended consequence of this effort has been to desensitize me to what I’ve always perceived as the unpleasant texture of dark meat (it’s all in my head and I know it is but I couldn’t force myself to overcome my mind). Well tonight I finally got to the point where I recognize the dark meat because it’s less dry and more tender than the white meat. I actually enjoyed it more! This is what it’s like to recover from being picky all your life.

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@thatgirlwithpinknails mixing the two really has made a huge difference. When I would cook with just dark meat I always thought it tasted wrong and that the texture was wrong but when they’re mixed I have the comfort of the white meat to fall back on, although they’re hard to tell apart when there’s a sauce on top unless you bite into it.

@thatgirlwithpinknails you’ll get there one day maybe. Look how far I’ve come in 18 months!


I can’t eat dark meat 🙊🙊

@onetwothrivekids I much prefer feeding adults. My kids will eat cereal they find in the crevice of the car seat or a chocolate chip off the ground but they won’t eat a delicious hot meal I cooked myself!


Ok- your kid is gonna have to move over. I will come over and eat all the things they won’t! ❤️😜

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