@fardimarlianto78 ceritanya mau ikutan ini td bang


@suhas_0718 this is why they have a 13 game streak, HARDEN IN FORMMM !!!


Ini mah gila el @eltikafp_




no one cares


He jumped off the ground




He had the one foot on the ground when he "jumped"


Uh yeah...




I'm embarrassed I like the pelicans


How is that traveling


@ruthoktalina_ makanya jgn keluar, masuk lagi


For those who said travel basically you are telling me that you can not move your one of your feet at all when holding the ball




@prietycecilia aku juga sih😭 cuma sekali, itupun kebetulan:v


@ruthoktalina_ ku gak pernah bs 3 point

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