@cp3 unleashes the full-speed #shammgod to beat the buzzer!

Houston Toyota Center



Very nice fake


@boul.shawn oh you talking about when I was hitting them in your mit😭😭i just peeped


So weird seeing him without a clipper jersey πŸ˜”


Nice in eazyy


Nice dribble move


Clippers nation misses you @cp3 respect


@ravery5716 in term of skill he has a better shot that it. Both high iq... both good passers... rondo could be a trible double machine.. semi equal in steal but rondo has less mismatch but was hurt by injuries...


want to date ... but with whom?


@marcky15 which one of them is going to the hall of fame? Oh yea


@ravery5716 can't call em better if a player hasn't even touched finals playoffs


@marcky15 .... and yet Chris Paul is still better


The thing is... Rondo has a ring... as a matter of fact, Rondo played finals playoffs πŸ˜‚ while CP3 hasn't


@joseelouis hahahah.. deslizou em missΓ£o de trabalho!


Sham-WOW. (Sorry)


@owilson_1 he turned up that game


@omichael_white hit a buzzer beater


Hit a buzzer beater


@hasonmass 😳you're joking right?

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