The πŸ¦„ on both ends! #NBABreakdown ....@kporzee & the @nyknicks host @lakers 7pm/et @nbaonespn!



@theo_the_bigboss c’est lui porzingus


These edits be so unecessary sometimes


How many times has he done this this year alone?


Why is this just now on my timeline when it was posted 6 days ago


Kanter feels uncomfortable :3


Become the master of your own life, the door towards success is inside you! Have a fantastic day!!!


Aha Kanter wasn’t at the right place the two times: for the block, wrong. For the dunk, wrong. If you watch it again :D


Number 20 new, he got mess up


He was wide open lol


I hate this new IG update


@loops_31 lmfaooo my boii thank youπŸ™πŸ’žβ˜οΈ


Kanter was wide open though


That’s a unicorn btw. Idk if it’s like a joke or something, but just a heads up


@melfrt___ ce fut un bel assiste MDRRRR le contre il est mΓ©chant

15 inch vertical lmao

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