Utah Jazz

Sheesh Donny πŸ‘Œ



@toopoloop you're not worth my time


@camer.davis hey don’t worry about your face, just go find another patch of weeds to sit in


@toopoloop what are you, 12? Did I shock you so much your only comeback is "haha...well your face is stupid?"


@camer.davis haha hey cool profile pic. When you were taking I️t, were you thinking β€œ i wonder if i put these weeds in my face it’ll make me look cool”


@paul.evans5 idk you but I agree


@toopoloop if shooting was a highlight yeah, lonzo would be ROTY. You might want to #takenote though since mitchell actually MADE that shot


i’m a die hard fan but ya gotta step up ya game


13-15 lost to the bulls


y’all are gmt ode rn




We lost cause you called him Donny.


@microbbins shooting 1 three pointer is a highlight now? #lonzoball #bestrookie


@mattswenson1_ Donovan Mitchell is so good


My man!!!


Did anyone else see a moving screen by rudy?


That was deeper than chi towns pizza




Quin Snyder needs to lght a fire under these guys. I say it every year. Sometimes its ok to get a technical.


want to follow for more news , you’ve come to the right place!!





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