Tonight’s #PerformanceLeaders 📊




Please start AB, only way to make a run through the playoffs, hood and ingles are in the way seriously, when Burks plays big minutes he plays like the all star player he can be, him and Mitchell together are dangerous!


If we were getting more than just these 2 guys we might start winning again!


How can you get stats like that and still lose to the bulls


@braydonwharton_23 If he doesnt im gonna cry! he is beast


The whole team


@roman_belzun I'd expect those from a bench player in around 20 minutes, not a starter playing around 30 per game


@toolsondallin what aré you saying 14-6-4


@xyz65_ are you crazy


@toolsondallin Rubio was looking OK at first but went back to his old ways. Lol


Trade Rudy


@tonyranderson who Chicago? Cause the Jazz have lost 4 in a row bud.


@drakewilliams54 Mitchell is stuck for 7 years unless traded


@nolsen79 they've won four in a row.


Donnie boy.


Forgot the key performance of the night another Loss to the worst team in the NBA. Get it together!


We need to get Lillard in a jazz Jersey he said it before the season even started that he would not mind playing for Utah


We were doing good when Rudy was out so that tells me you guys need to rotate out gobert more


Get kemba!


@claytonaw ok. Wait for it


You lose 3 straight, rest for 4 days, and lose to a 6-20 team? Whatevs!


how is this man 7'2 only getting 11 rebounds when he barely leaves the post


@spidadmitchell is a blessing to this team. We struck gold!


How the hell did we lose that game?

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