“WARNING: This video includes a cuddle interruption which some might find upsetting” writes @henryloveskiki



@fanybrrz I want to cry!!!!




@bryce_macae when u hear the door open


@manubertazzo isn’t this so cute?!?


@maeveysquirrell hehe look its us in the hall when we kissin and then someone comes down the hall and we wait for them to leave


Who interrupted their cuddle#triggerd


@ben10nw KDUDKEKDJEJDK eu empata foda


@ameczonas eu e o seu doguinho e vc do nada PEI chegando


@trentoncookebjj @jcookebjj looks like a brown Dobby


@casas.rc awww que yinyos jajsjsu


@mollyjee__ me when I see u


@hashtag_mmtm time to leave this planet apyo g🤣


@phwaysu_ Dog tway tg ro tat tl ha😂


@pedroduaarte_ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk muito você ,af


@ceciliabatistap kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eu e quem quando tem que parar pq tá na hora de ir embora


@ariellelaven watch the whole thing ur gnna die

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