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Video by @bertiegregory // Wandering albatross take part in what has to be once of the most incredible courtship displays in the animal kingdom. Bill vibrating, bill fencing, sky calling and posturing with their enormous 11ft wingspan is all part of the ritual. These albatross take great care in selecting a partner as the bond they form can last the rest of their lives. We had the great honour of filming this spectacle with the British Antarctic Survey. This incredible organisation has been studying the wanderers on Bird Island for over six decades! Follow @bertiegregory for more or watch the whole Wild_Life series at


Beautiful corner in Rome - Italy ✨😍😍😍✨
Picture by ✨✨@ournextflight✨✨
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Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | The ice surrounding the Îles de la Madeleine is a very special place. Every year, in the heart of winter, thousands of harp seals gather on the ice to give birth to their pups, just like this one. Born with a fluffy white coat, harp seals turn silvery grey within a couple of weeks, as they prepare to enter the cold Arctic waters. Unfortunately, this kind of safe, stable ice platform is becoming scarce as global temperatures continue to rise, presenting a serious threat for the survival of this lovable species. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier for more photos from our Arctic and Antarctic regions. #harpseal #seal #Arctic #Canada #climatechange


Flat White | Photograph by Haitham Khamis Al Farsi (@haithamalfarsi)
In Qurayyat, Saudi Arabia, a person works at a salt flat. Created when salt water flows into a shallow lake and then evaporates, salt flats yield hundreds of bags of salt a day.

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Muralist Muhammad Yungai (@artofyungai) has depicted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in three murals across Atlanta, Georgia. “Just seeing his face is a prompt to have courage in the face of adversity,” Muhammad says.
A former art teacher, Muhammad believes that having depictions of Dr. King in schools is especially important. “I want children to feel empowered,” he adds. “Each painting, sculpture or photo of him is a reminder of who we all can be, and what we can achieve together.” Spend #MLKDay celebrating Atlanta’s civil rights legacy with a tour of its inspiring murals, today on our story.


Total eclipse of the heart ❤️🌖 // the clouds cleared away just in time for tonights #lunareclipse #superbloodwolfmoon


#NatGeoHoy | Día de la Conciencia por los Pingüinos 🐧
Más de la mitad de las colonias de pingüinos están amenazadas y en declinación. Esto se debe al cambio climático, la contaminación y la industria pesquera, entre otros factores. El explorador de National Geographic Pablo Borboroglu (@pabloborboroglu), lidera la @globalpenguinsociety e impulsa  la conservación de esta especie ¡Súmate a la causa!


#作品賞析 【國家地理 X ASUS ZenFone 一日手機攝影工坊】



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Through The Window, Paris


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