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During my trip to Telemark, Norway last year I pulled over on the side of the road to take this shot of a stunning reflective landscape.

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Ulefoss, Telemark, Norway

Video by @bertiegregory. A flock of Antarctic terns flutter around the base of the Neumayer glacier on the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia. Despite appearing so wild, this island has a shocking history of exploitation. Populations of whales, seals and birds were decimated. Fortunately, thanks to good governing and protection, much of the island’s wildlife has made a dramatic comeback.
It now faces a new set of challenges. The world’s changing climate is moving weather and ocean currents around this island with unknown consequences. The glacier pictured is estimated to be receding at a rate of 1m/3ft per day. Shot for a new National Geographic online series coming soon. Follow @bertiegregory to learn more this special place.


Fiordo di Furore Beach, Amalfi - Italy ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@timothysykes✨✨ follow him for millionaire lifestyle!!!


Photo by @danwestergren // #sponsored by @visit_arizona // Arizona is famous for the sweeping, eroded sandstone inside it's beautiful slot canyons. Unfortunately the most famous of these canyons, Anetelope Canyon is also an overcrowded nightmare for photographers. Horseshoe Bend Slot canyon, offers a quiet alternative. There's no crowd and plenty of time to explore, giving photographers all the time in the world to find their favorite camera angle. This canyon is marked on maps as Waterfalls Canyon, and was also previously known as Secret Canyon. // Even once you see it in person, you may still doubt it’s real. Plan your [un]real Arizona getaway. #VisitArizona

Page, Arizona

Morning in Pyongyang | Photograph by Reuben Teo (@reubenteo)
#YourShotPhotographer Reuben Teo was getting dressed one morning in Pyongyang, North Korea, when he noticed the misty sunrise from his window. "The calmness and tranquility of the city is a big contrast to the tensions that we often hear in the outside world and the mainstream media," he says. "The feeling of waking up and seeing North Korea outside my window is very surreal but amazing at the same time."

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Photo by @yavuzarslan334
Photographer Yavuz Arslan (@yavuzarslan334) captured daily life in Turkey in low, beautiful light. #TheWeekOnInstagram


Exploring Prague with flight attendants of @aeroflot, that had been named Best Airline in Eastern Europe for the sixth time at the Skytrax World Airline Awards in recognition of the high-quality of its customer service
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Prague, Czech Republic

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