National Geographic Your Shot

At Night | Photograph by Raffi B.
“This lion was relaxed in the dry sand riverbed guarding his mating lioness a few feet away,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Raffi B. “Our night adventure took place during a photographic safari in October 2013 at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa.”

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@caliraffi well played 👏🏽


@moonair_ backlit by the light of another safari Jeep coming diagonally from behind - used it to my advantage




Cheers Melissa and everyone for leaving lovely feedback and comments. I am thrilled and honoured to have been featured on YS Instagram. I am over the moon - thank you YS community!


Awesome! Congrats, Raffi! I looked at this and said this looks like Raffi's lol :)


Hermoso ,me gusta mucho,todo


Wow. Very good post!!!👍

Love this pic


Wonderful photo! 😊




Great shot 😍




Simplicity at it’s 👏best👏!


shadows to hide and lights to show




@mahajan_sanket that pic I took of yours at kalsang cafe


What a nice picture!


Wow ... Great shot 😍




Beautiful profile! Love this capture!! 💛


Fantastic comtour, perfect exposure! 📸💪🏽


Gorgeous photo.well done


Wow..great photo!






His Royal Highness👑 - perfect✨ to distraction. Unbelievably stunning shot🥇.


Spectacularly beautiful photograph 🙂💕


Beautiful 👌👌👌

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