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Hey did this exchanveever happen?


hell yeah! @billiejoearmstrong glad you like this awesome album! rock on! 🤘🏼


@nikkisixxpixx @billiejoearmstrong Got my Leathur Records version for $8 in Tokyo few years ago!!


@jackp_16 Glad that you liked that Trüe story. I was out with my brother the other day when this song came on. So I look over to him and ask if he remembers and he immediately told me to shut up. 😂 This shit never grows old!!! Have a good one!


@tionekate lmao that made my day man. I'm another Crüe head


Love to see you like this amazing album


Yes yes yes yes!!! My two favorite writers, entertainers & rockstars in 1 post!!! I knew you liked the Crue @billiejoearmstrong I can hear it in a few songs. Nice!!!


Mötley Crüe is amazing but your the BEST!!!!!


My two all-time favorite bands! I've been a Crüe fan since I was 13 (1986), and a Green Day fan since I was 21 (1994). My secret dream has ALWAYS been to hear Green Day perform Live Wire!! I don't know if it's the hardcore guitar in that song, or the sheer energy that both bands share, but I've ALWAYS had that secret dream. Think there's any way to make that dream a reality @billiejoearmstrong ?? Talk about dreams coming true...I'm sure that would make so many fans of both bands happy. Merry Christmas!


Do you know the enemy?


@billiejoearmstrong First time I heard this song being played was with my brother (huge Motley fan), I seriously the song title was "Too Fat For Love". After that, I would rib my brother, telling him that he was too fat for love. #tffl


Love this record @billiejoearmstrong ...it's a really power pop Lp...heavier, but power pop.




Looks like Rolling Stones’ ‘Sticky fingers’


Merry Christmas Billie Joe


I have an original Elektra pressing


Omg! Is so good!!


LP at home ❤️


They was great live !!!!


Is this "Shitty Glam Band" Monday?


Class song


Lol love it


@jennonair do you remember getting me into the Green Day interview with HFS and then the show that night? I was so pumped. 😂🤙


@nikkisixxpixx please help @chasejam out too if you could. He loves you like no other


@markspika or help me out...


Two of my favourite bands represented in 1 post.


@billiejoearmstrong @nikkisixxpixx shouldn’t we be talking about On With The Show #rippoff?! 😜


Yewww..so good!


By far the best Motley album and one of the best rock albums ever!



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