Tonight’s #PerformanceLeaders 📈




@bahannahsnyd it ain’t easy.


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Sprained pcl in the left knee and bruised tibia . Rudy out for another month


Are Rudy and Favs playing tonight? I watched the injury videos and they don’t look terrible


@rtrap11 nobody asked


Rubio balled out because I dropped him from my fantasy team a few days ago. You're welcome.


@kshepz u again? who did we mock?


Lebrun has these guys combined numbers in one night if not more


Rubiooo always shutting mouths!


Rubio is the best


Rubio is on fire

If we could get this play from Rubio on a consistent basis, we’d be a different ball club. Come on Rubio, we believe in you. 👍


Utah Jazz fans mock injured players. Classless. 14-15


Yessssss awesome Jazz 😍




@bige1170 right, come off the bench and come on in big defensive spots


Bro mithell


@rjbeard not a real fan


@max_dunbar7 Correct, everytime ricky got 7+3+6they will say he is garbage and trade him, everytime he scored 20+ people will say he is good asf...


Best team in the league?


Didn’t @ekpeudoh have 9 rebounds?

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