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Double Trouble | Photograph by Patricia Wessant (@minousphotographyplus)
“We followed this pair of lions as they marked an area to try and take over from another pair’s territory,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Patricia Wessant. “At one point, they stopped and were in between two vehicles. This allowed me to use one vehicle to light the front lion, and the other vehicle to create rim lighting on the back lion. It is one of my favorite shots from my trip to Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in Kruger National Park.”

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What effect u use to make clear picture


Wow incredible!


perfect eyes


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Wow... a true king!


Terrific 👍👍👍


This shot looks like 80' and 90' photo poses and effects 😂😂


Pretty amazing photo. Well done!


The outline on the one in the background is insane. Crazy lighting 😍


Great shot


Fantastic shot...





I really like it ❤


Great 👍🏻📷 picture, check out my instagram profile


Great shot 🙌


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Great photo!


Beautiful shot 👍


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@anna_bananzuh hi, I’m the photographer that took this. I’ll be working on prints next year. I’m just getting started on social media with photography so you are welcome to follow me and thank you! 😊


@anna_bananzuh not yet. I’ll be working on that in the new year. You are welcome to follow me and I’ll let everyone know when I make my prints available. Thank you!


Great shot 👌 👏


Wow, this is an outstanding and amazing picture, I love the light effect !!! 😇

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