Utah Jazz

BIG win in Boston last night!! Now it’s on to The King and the Cavs 👊
Tipoff:5:30 PM MT

BIG win in Boston last night!! Now it’s on to The King and the Cavs 👊
Tipoff:5:30 PM MT



Easy win


Go Jazz❗️❗️❗️ Go RRRRicky❗️❗️❗️💨


Easy win


More like the princess


Do game is ours cuz we Utah, good ahead bring some energy n smile to Utah✊👍


I think we match up better with Cleveland. Who’s hitting their shots will be the determining factor. King James and Kevin Love are deadly paired up. Would love too get the win. But must admit I’m skeptical. 🤨


@alexhiggins80 not actually the toughest TEAM it’s the dumb one man show over in Cleveland.


It doesn’t matter if my favorite player is in the MVP discussion. Just cuz he’s the best doesn’t mean he’s my favorite player. That’s a cliche thing to think isn’t it


Not at the King's kingdom..lmfo..😂😂🏀💪🔥👀


@cmaynes1002 the baby is in the MVP discussion as usual how about your favorite player? Is he in the MVP discussion?


@berto_hixon doesn’t mean we can’t beat them.


What a game


@aj_herna let’s put first months rent on jt


Check Us Out 🏀


@alexhiggins80 they aren’t coming home. Game is in Cleveland fam


Best caption ever.


Good game last night, but not today lol


@fluffydawhale317 not meant to be an insult


@lukejames6 you wish lol nobody can Guard king James on the jazz


@zachyry I mean it doesnt really matter, just shows you don't have a very wide range of insults.


@fluffydawhale317 why does it matter if i post the same comment more than once? and many times bub


@zachyry how many more times you gonna post the same comment, bub?


Cop a dub


@cmaynes1002 nono, it's the king


@holden_golden I know that they are adults that get paid to do what they do and train for it, but playing a game across the country against the toughest team in the east and then coming home to play #2 seems very draining


hopefully Rubio preforms like he did last night! Go Jazz!


I thought the NBA went away from back to back games.


yall gonna lose im sorry


Win the champion for JP 🎷🎷🎷🎷


Let's goooooo

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