Utah Jazz

A few legends giving the young gun some advice 🙏




@carstagg holy crap!!! That’s my name


They told him when AB was playing great The last two weeks you guys were winning and since Hood and Johnson came back they been losing and you haven't played the same, AB needs to start and get rid of Hood and Johnson


Awesome rookie of the year🕷️🕷️ #takenote


@utahjazz @spidadmitchell @rudygobert27 @joeingles7 @_dfavors15 @ruuufio @hoodie5 @ekpeudoh @rolls_royce00 @raulneto08 #jazznation gonna be supporting my Utah Jazz two rows behind our bench on Dec. 26 in Denver!!!!!!!!! Since moving to Colorado it's been really hard not attending games, and even harder to not watch lots of the games. Been getting my fix on the internet for Utah Jazz info and highlights. So excited!


JR Smith is a legend, just not that kind of “legend”


@maxchang11 maybe he should seeing as he is one of the best shooters in the league.


There probably telling him to join the cavs


#prayforrudy get better brother! 👊


Just hoping he didn’t get any advice from JR Smith!!


So sick


Hahahahaha probably is


It better not be. "Don't waste your time at this franchise bruh"


Don't see how some people didn't see the same skills at LVille, and the King probably told him if Alec Burks don't get minutes and play his game y'all won't go far with hood and Joe Johnson, smh


Lonzo Ball doesn't get this. Two giants of basketball came to Donovan to give him respect. #rookieoftheyear


D wade standing there like ✋🏾


Come and follow us 🔥🔥🔥


Donovan is amazing #DMitch 45


@alixrohani real recognizing real


Seems so modest!


Nós perdemos mais foi um baita jogaço foi falta de sorte mais parabéns pró jazz que jogo!


@marcelloconserva o ROTY humildão ouvindo os conselhos da LENDA JR Smith


@marcelloconserva o ROTY humildão ouvindo os conselhos da LENDA JR Smith


@yeahhhdannyy in a perfect would they would have played together


@yeahhhdannyy nah. Then you wouldn’t see the development out of Donovan this soon

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