We would be a little nervous if we had to face the #BludgeonBrothers too...

We would be a little nervous if we had to face the #BludgeonBrothers too...



Fuck illuminate


they need to bring these guys as a huge tag team.that comedy shit with breezango is whatever but put tag teams back on the map


Denle push a ese men we6


Where is the man that used to say Feed me more he will whoop his ass


Victore and Connor should split up they are holding each other back


The brothers of destruction are better than the bludgeon brothers


omg .... faec !!!


Vata FCK


Are these guys still in WWE?


The ascension? Really? They WERE the biggest thing to come right out of NXT but wwe made them bitches to others. Such a shame


Sorry rufless I have dyslexia


You need refuless agression. Look you guys where the must feared tag team on NXT what happened to you two. Don't let creative make whimps out of you por crying out loud ask for your original scripts back and kick ass again. Also don't be afraid of those goofballs.


big show reymistaryo randy otan jhon cena


Little?Nah man.I would be a lot scared.I mean they r pretty fast sir they size,strong enough...wat else to say?🐏


They need to re package the ascension start with working them out lose the goofy makeup the stupid devil crap shirt you could make them into a bad ass team




So very nice


Nothing compared to the bothers of destruction ;) #UndertakerFanForever






So does this mean that in a year, the bludgeon brothers will be a joke too? Because I remember the ascension coming in the same way the bludgeon brothers did and look at them now. Quit wasting talent!


It's sad that the wwe is a part of the Illuminati




They shouldn't be nervous if there some of the only guys that are there size


Really could of been a great feud if you didn’t ruin the ascension



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