Two @baseballhall hopefuls. #FlashbackFriday



Dream of Xmas passed #

Chipper had such a relaxed approach at the plate.. And Vladdy had such an aggressive swing !


Really miss watching Chipper play..... 🙁




@mlb that would be Chipper and Vladmir


Chipper ‼️


Chipper is still my favorite


@co2_berserk chipper is a lock for 1st ballot


Vlad and chipper


Vlad on the right and Maddox on left?


Hopefully both make HOF


@wes_vaughn vlad looking so scary


Add another canadian mlb team


I’ll NEVER those late 90’s & early 00’s days⚾️.


Chipper was my idol




Vlady debería ser un HOF ,se lo merece🇩🇴


Someone must have pissed off Vlad lol he was always happy 😂😂


Vlad was a beast 💪🏾


Ufff💪🏻 dos de los grandes mlb


Dang that was 18 years ago I remember watching videos of baseball players from the 80s thinking those were old 😂


@joshsims24_ this looks like my dad so much


Chipper 💪🏻

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