@nicole.caroline vamo e vamo trazer os copos


@tainalimap vamo provar desses


Por favor alguém pode me mandar num copo desses de presente?😄


when be available in Iraq🤔


@pinchemilito Yo Igual Mas Con Este sueño que tengo 😴


@pinchemilito Ivamos ir por uno


@pinchemilito need one of those😁


Qué? Su


I hope i get picked to represent @starbucks and my store on the Blond Esp.🚎 yay 💘🙌🏻


@luella.bird Sooooo delicious! Try it with an iced lemon pound cake. 💛


blonde vanilla latte👌💫


I want all of them!!!!!


@melbasham1 Interesting idea! Tell us more here: sbux.co/ideas. 💚


I wish y’all had orange mocha


@tytbillbo Thanks for the love, Billy! Here's to great favorites. 🎉


Ayyo Starbucks, love this. It tastes great. Almost the best, I like the double choclately chip frap most though. @starbucks it is so goodddd. Keep making the best👌👌y'all are the best. Can I get an @?


@mustafakagancelik Sorry, Mustafa, this is only available in the U.S.


@starbucks avaliable in Turkey?

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