#RAW25 is a celebration you won't want to miss...because it will have a little ATTITUDE!



This intro doesn't work with this piece of shit era


@fosterwilsonn i tagged you in the intro for tonight on twitter lol


Miss the Tude


@sheriff_nover I’ve seen this it makes me kinda sad lmao


Attitude Era, the Best era in the history ❤️😍!!!!


@damo.farrell how boss is this!


@shadypaz115 I forgot about this one


@akelley93 old raw theme new wrestlers


Please upload broadcast on sites of wwe pls


@_itsjaaay_ look what they did


Is it live on sites wwe on monday?


Wait can this Monday January 22 2018


Can't fucking wait!!!!!!!


Use this!!!


As a lifelong WWE fan, I cannot wait to see the rock 25th anniversary show next Monday!


Instead of emphasizing the attitude you should emphasis on the word LITTLE


They should use this intro permanently🔥🔥🔥🔥and bring back pyro


Keep it!!!


This is a intro.... This is music


Damn I miss that intro music man


You wish


They need to bring back the old intros like that


They need to bring that intro back ,makes everything awesome haha

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