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New! Glitter Drops! Shining, shimmering, magic glitter, caught in a bottle. ✨Available online and in stores @Sephora. #CoverFXtra




@_.abbyyyg._ We're sorry to hear you cannot sign into your account! Please private message us your registered email address on Facebook so we can assist. Thank you.


The sephora app won’t let me log into my account... anyone else having the same prob??


ʜɛყ! ɪ ɑϻ ɢɪɢɪ. ɪ ʜɑvɛ ɑ ყoʊтʊɞɛ cʜɑɴɴɛʟ cɑʟʟɛɖ ʟɪғɛ ωɪтʜ ɢɪɢɪ ɑɴɖ ɪ'ɖ ʟovɛ ɪғ ყoʊ'ɖ cʜɛcĸ ɪт oʊт ɑɴɖ ʂʊɞʂcʀɪɞɛ. ɪ ɑϻ тʀყɪɴɢ тo ɢɛт тo 1000 ʂʊɞʂ. Also I’d appreciate a follow тʜɑɴĸʂ


@___shellyboo___ Sorry to hear about this! If you haven't received assistance yet, please send us a PM via Facebook with your order number. Thank you!


@sierra_lindsey all their stuff is vegan


@ivoriekat @sephora Sephora’s game has gone down a lot in the last year! Customer service over the phone and in stores has been awful. I used to get my orders in 2 days and now it’s 4 days. I even paid extra for one day shipping and it really took 7 days! Then I had to call for my shipping refund and that’s all they did to rectify the issue. Sad to say, I’m sure your money will be tied up for a week, you’ll never get the product and they’ll do nothing about it.


@1linequeen Please send us a private Facebook message with your registered email address and how we can help. Thank you.


@anjumkhan0321 Please click here: to view more information about product pricing. Thank you.


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@nayeligasca like you took actual glitter and put it on. I don’t understand the point of it. It dries down to glitter. I don’t know of anyone who wants glitter on the face and it doesn’t seem to work right on top of shadow so it’s just an odd one


@kryst7na so we need this??


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How does this product look on?


Yes!!!! It’s like sparking snow for your face!!! 😍😍😍❤️🐾

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