@jrue_holiday11 steps through for the bucket!

Smoothie King Center




@harrismian16 I’ll take that boyyyy!! Just know no one can guard it tho


25% of your euros might be this good @anasz96 @hamzahy95


@iki_dp laah lek iki ae smp wes faseh pak


@robbykamajaya iki ae wes gawe umak


@mcellidokuzoglu sana tanıdık geldimi👀😉


@rjsamonte10 ikaw yung ganyan eh. Idol haha


lol @ people calling travel


@aasdn35 why people don't talk about him? he's a great player


Travels for the bucket


They playing in smoothie king center for a reason


@_kurt_yang_ 好滑順的腳步


@ben_cs yea he learnin


How tf is that a travel


How about that trip he just took around the world lol From The Moment He Picks Up The Ball, He Takes 2 clean steps

People calling travel? Where?


This is why i hate sports. If Russ does a euro this clean it’s SCTOP10 and no one would stop talking about it


@clemboy04 ha ha ha , il la enrhumé duuuuur


he lost the ball then gain control of it... its not a travel


What a traveler lol


@yusukeurameshi1 I obviously do kno what I’m looking at, steps are not counted until he’s committed to shooting the ball, a ref can’t be sure to start counting unless the player makes that commitment I kno this cuz I’ve been around basketball my whole life, all pro trainers teach this


@dwrightuno Focus on Barcelona Lassa. Get this W


Took 3 steps


Travel again


If you call this a travel stop watching basketball


@shad_allison I mean you don't either apparently, but at least you know that's not a travel so that's fine for now.


Huge travel my lord lollll

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