Click the link!!!! Last hour!!!!




Price please. Can i buy this here in philippines?


How much...


this is the worst thing ever


@kashishnegi kindly finish your fit tea which is lying packed in your drawers 😝


Tea is just disgusting in the first place 👌




@fittea yes the wraps!


Can i found this tea in Chile??? Where?? @fittea


Pricr plzz


@samsxxpvr I do with no problem


Can I drink apple cider vinegar with fit tea ?


How to order


@fittea If you are advertising could you be so kind and explain how to order??????????????


I am broke..😢😢


How do you use the cla and the wrap and the tea?


What is the price of this tea


What is the rule to drink this water what is the process


What's the cla for?

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