Ahead of tonight’s @houstonrockets/@suns action (10:30pm/et @nbaonespn)... we hit the floor with @therealpjtucker17!




Why he look like he hasnt veen drinking any water the past 24h


Great communication


Finish your breakfast @ahmed2429 @alkurdi_3 Lmfaoo


@muchness_ um dia vc ainda vai entender pq ele grito isso ahahaha


@bononimatheus eu vou falar isso pra vc nos seus jogos agora: “ohhhh finish your breakfast”


Finish your breakfast @renzomiguelramos


@joepaowu @joshlingaround @joon_chong @konkymonky I’m saying “finish your breakfast” from now on for And1’s 😂


@beauxdub @loucharlestx “Finish your breakfast” 😂


@razf23 לוקח פיקוד


😂😂finish your breakfast


Finnish ur breakfast @kelly.brogan


Взаммная подписка, лайки.


@aaajjml babe ung jacket.


@bfk35 "finish your breakfast"


Glue guys u gotta have to win💯


@naynaysaba finish your breakfast


Ohhhh finish your breakfast 😂😂👌🏽👌🏽


@mikipfk8 „finish your breakfast“🤦🏽‍♂️


It sounds like hes trying to be loud but he isnt😂


Only OG ball players from the hood understand the importance and the significance of that line “finish your breakfast”


"oooohh, finish ur breakfast"

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