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Who better to show you a quick and totally glam look using the #KLxUD collection than @kristenxleanne? Catch the full tutorial for the Rosy Daydreamer look on our YT channel! (link in bio) ☝️#UrbanDecay




Esto necesito para un look natural !! @ddiazmax está en chile ?


may i know the color of the lippie :):):)


@marleny__ let’s both dye one of our brows purple lmao


Omg I'm kinda digging her purple brows @jacquelinaaa_


Those brows 😍


I love her hair color


Wow ! Lovely ! Perhaps you like to see our Natural henna make up 💓❤️😍 for 🍀💓more :www.curiosa.se 💓🍀


@lisl_todd_angel thus is what that one chick was TRYING to do...


Love the hair color😍


What is that lip color?


@berwick24 I LOVE this haircut


@amanda51490 Lol! Yea girl! I don’t think that would happen cause I’m too chicken, and my boss would kill me! Lol! I definitely love the color though, and would maybe attempt it if it could be temporary and wash out. Unfortunately, that’s impossible. Lol


Gorgeous 😍




@alliebradfordd I must learn this!


where can i buy these in brasil?


What lipstick is that please ??😍😍


Love the fact that her eyebrows match her hair!


You are always beaultiful.. but with this short hair you looks AMAZING 💙💙💙


@sarebearcutie you should dye your hair like this!! Lol jk The way she has it styled is super cute though. It makes me want to chop mine off. 💇🏻‍♀️


@haillymc cute but don’t need


Is that thing on her neck a tattoo?


Amazing touch


@lauram_sousa simple et efficace 😍 surtout sur des yeux verts...


@urbandecaycosmetics I am in New Zealand. How can I get my hands on these?

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