It's showtime Knoxville TN.... #ComedicRockStarShit #DopePic #LilSwag #IrresponsibleTour ....Photocred @kevinkwan327




Cool outfit


Lol I can see yo print Lil one


@stefuzivert and? Since when is height important? Trying to cover up your insecurities?


Dope picture


That’s Tough Kevin ✊🏽


That pole in the back almost taller than him lol


DL Hughley son


@jalen_oke lmfaooo man I was scrolling thru this shit thought this was Dave😂


Hey Kev. You look tall in this pic. 🤣


Man got that @puni_2k18 swagger 😂


Ya head look fat in this one bro 👌


Dude, you're being a douche, what are you doing, no one cares what your wearing while you walk towards your photographer


@kevinhart4real are u bringing your tour to Dallas?


For real thgh fly guy


Look like bat man of the gay club


برده خانما میشم


Lenny Kravitz wants his look back...


He looks tall asf


You kinda look like Dre from Blackish in this picture.


Go Kevin go!! You look great


@itschellabella @keepingupwithquincy look how much heel is in his boot


Went to the show and had a blast first time ever going to a live show, best experience anyone could have. Plastic cup boyz was hilarious loved it. There was never a dual moment I still reply the things said when I look at my kids and just bust out laughing, even when I'm upset. So I wanna say thank you Kev for doing what you do placing smiles on peoples face is a blessing and you and dem boyz got it , stay blessed and keep doing you. Love ya man


Why? Why? Kevin that pole behind you is like 3 feet tall. Best wishes..


Fier d'être black kissssss


handsome...among black


Great look!

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